12-week group coaching for breaking through your blocks and aligning to your creative vision

My 90 Day Creative Block Elimination Mastermind has been designed specifically for those who have struggled managing their time, their energy, and their creative flow to get things over the finish line.

What I see all the time is that life gets in the way. Things always come up and it's hard to work in the proactive space. What I will do is help you to break down your bold, beautiful ambitious ideas into tangible steps, and help with accountability to make sure that in 90 days from now you're up and live with your creative project.


Imagine your life after you have launched your dream creative project! 

How would that make you feel?

How does it all work?

In this Mastermind you’ll get weekly calls with me, plus you get bi-weekly group calls with the creative community of the other individuals in the Mastermind. 

We come together to collaborate in resourceful problem solving and I will provide my expertise and guidance to facilitate these groups.

By combining the one-to-one calls with the group calls, we will overcome our own personal challenges, and also provide invaluable advice and guidance to others to uplift one another.

Interested in joining the Mastermind, let's meet over a free discovery call, find out what you're currently struggling with - your one specific project, and we will see if we are a good fit.

... and if it's a good fit and if you're committed to this project, then we'll get started.

I invite you to click the calendar link to book in your free 30 min discovery call with me.
Let's discuss your project, the program, answer all your questions and make sure this is perfect for you.

  • “Nikki has a supportive & intuitive approach to coaching, but she also kicks you up the bum when you need it. She has helped me clear huge blocks which I neverrealised existed and has enabled me to see what’s important to me personally interms of big business goals, (and also take steps towards these goals). Most valuably, I feel I can now hold the vision for my growing business while juggling ayoung family which has been a game changer! “

    Georgia Elliot - Artist, UK

  • I had the privilege of tapping into Nikki Finch's expertise to enhance my creativity, and the results were remarkable. Nikki's guidance and encouragement provided a transformative experience, unlocking new levels of inspiration and innovation. If you're looking for someone to ignite your creative spark, Nikki Finch is the person for you!

    Sona Hakhverdyan - Photographer & Neuroscientist, Sweden

  • Nikki's visualization and coaching targeted my artist's block, which has prevented me from entering or even considering the creative flow state. Nikki's kindness and empathy helped me open up about what's been weighing me down. I feel more confident in myself to sit down and draw than in the past year, and I'm looking forward to putting Nikki's techniques into practice. 5 stars! Thanks for helping us creatives navigate our blocks!

    Lindsey Luu – Artist, Texas, USA