Are you ready to finally say YES to who you are!

Calling all creatives and soul based entrepreneurs who may be stuck in a rut and in need of a compassionate kick and reset to get you unblocked or simply back on track and motivated for success. 

Are ready to take action on the areas of your life that are stagnant and need revitalising?

Are you ready to let go of the excuses and transform your situation?

Are you ready for a compassionate kick and a creative energy reset? 

If you can answer yes to these and feel your soul calling you to action, connect with me over a virtual coffee by booking your discovery call, let's talk and get clarity on how we can work together.

I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery where you will transform your mindset, connect to your purpose and potential and transform your life.

I offer a choice of Elevation packages:
6-Week Intensive to get you on track with your business and life.
6-Month or 12-Month Flow to give you support and empowerment as you navigate your creative business and life.


Imagine living life to your full potential, empowered and aligned and making your magic happen!

Encourage and Support

My aim is to encourage and support you with your own vision. We will be taking practical steps, yet listening for inner guidance and trusting this as we go. The answers to any blocks are aways there, we just need to find them.

You will be giving yourself time to build your focus and integrate new habits and behaviours which enable your transformation and growth. 

We work with focused action and make transformational changes that get you maximum results. 

I invite you to Elevate Your Life with 1-1 Elevation Coaching sessions plus WhatsApp chat follow ups - let’s activate your alchemy and magic!

Get ready to transform your mindset, get back on track and be working with inspired action towards your goals so that your soul vision thrives.

  • Nikki has a supportive & intuitive approach to coaching, but she also kicks you up the bum when you need it. She has helped me clear huge blocks which I never realised existed and has enabled me to see what’s important to me personally in terms of big business goals, (and also take steps towards these goals). Most valuably, I feel I can now hold the vision for my growing business while juggling a young family which has been a game changer!

    Georgia Elliot - Artist, UK

  • Nikki has a lovely bubbly and active energy which is a wonderful combination when things need to get done! Nikki is both an experienced coach and an intuitive and she combines these skills to give her clients the best of the human knowledge as well as the wisdom of the Universe. In the multisensory capacity, she works both on the psychic and mediumistic level. Nikki helped me with some of my inner child traumas and has given me beautiful insights from the multisensory world!

    Aija Beizate - Writer and Translator - Latvia

  • I recently did a 6-week mentoring course with Nikki to help me release old patterns and behaviours that were really holding me back. Nikki exudes a genuine warmth and openness that immediately made me feel at ease. Her intuition and insight about things were astoundingly spot on and she has a real authenticy about her. Every session had an epiphany moment which helped me unlock things I had been struggling with. I can honestly recommend Nikki to anyone who needs support and guidance with something in their lives they want to get clarity on.

    Vici Sinkinson – Artist, UK