Are you longing to get your vision past the roadblock of your fears? 

Maybe you have so many ideas, you are you stuck in overwhelm and frozen? Waking up to another day in the same old pattern; a mindset that is holding you back, whilst longing to break free and live your dream life?

Maybe you are struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome or lack confidence in your ideas, or aren’t getting yourself out there because you have a fear of failure? Your limiting beliefs are stopping you succeed and you feel as if you will never achieve your dreams?

Maybe you can visualise your creative business yet you lack clarity and the steps to get you there, unfocused and stuck in the details and unable to get your big vision out of your heart and into the world?

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I Can Relate to Where You Are

I have experienced these blocks myself and I understand how frustrating and overwhelming this may feel to you. As a creative who has been very successful behind the façade of a company, I know how hard it is to step out alone. 

I understand how you are feeling, and I can help you breakthrough your pain, so that you can live the life you desire and materialise the dreams you hold in your heart.

I can help you create from your heart and soul without the constraints of your past.

What if you transformed your mindset and life and were able to realise your dreams?

How would that make you feel?

It's time to take action…it's your time!

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"Practical, intuitive and uplifting! I'm so glad I met you, I'm focused and feel so much lighter, my life has totally changed!"

So how can I help?

I support you to move past your blocks and limiting beliefs, help you to see and transform old patterns and self-doubts so that resistant mindset is broken down and replaced by heart felt inspired creativity and flow, so that you are free to follow your creative path and thrive from your unique gifts and passion.

If you want to free up your mindset, remove obstacles that leave you stuck in overwhelm or fear, I can help you find the space to be you, so that you have clarity, are motivated to take inspired action, and are empowered to follow your unique calling with a mindset for success.

If you want practical and inspiring ways to work through your blocks and you are looking for someone who can see through the fog, help you clear the path whilst seeing and holding your vision, then I invite you to work with me, so you can create the life you desire, a life full of joy and experiences so that you can look back in wonder and be amazed by the magic that you are!

Let’s work together in an insightful, inspiring, and creative way, to breakthrough your barriers and discover your full potential.

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  • Nikki's visualization and coaching targeted my artist's block, which has prevented me from entering or even considering the creative flow state. Nikki's kindness and empathy helped me open up about what's been weighing me down. I feel more confident in myself to sit down and draw than in the past year, and I'm looking forward to putting Nikki's techniques into practice. 5 stars! Thanks for helping us creatives navigate our blocks!

    Lindsey Luu – Artist, Texas, USA

  • A previous coach made me feel small like if I didn’t say I wanted to take over the world on 15 hours a week it wasn’t big enough. 

    Another was like ‘whoooa there, steady on do you have time for this, be realistic” and you were like “right, let’s clear some space, physical and mental to get you there.”

    Anonymous - Creative, UK

  • Nikki is an amazing creative and a business fantastic coach. She easily understands your inner essence and, starting from there, she can help you see “problems” from a different perspective, so that you can move on. Chatting to her is inspiring and she can really take you by the hand and unlock all your potential.

    Matteo Franchi - Photographer, Italy