My name is Nikki Finch, and I am a UK based intuitive coach, artist, designer, and mentor helping creatives and soul based entrepreneurs remove their blocks and open fully to their creative potential, so that they are empowered, connected to their intuition and successfully living the life they have consciously designed. 

I believe we are here to express ourselves, free from our subconscious self-limiting beliefs and tapped into possibilities and potential, living a life filled with happiness and freedom.

Passionate about creativity and using my skills and experiences as a creative director, artist and intuitive, I work collaboratively with you, helping you unblock and unlock your creative potential so that you can live your life authentically through your vision and dreams.

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  • Your instant warmth is lovely - it feels safe and genuine. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with you, and it was nice to hear reaffirming thoughts and ideas connecting with my journey, struggle and successes. I really vibed with your easy-going nature and style.

    Spencer Selvedge – Photographer, USA

  • Nikki's visualization and coaching targeted my artist's block, which has prevented me from entering or even considering the creative flow state. Nikki's kindness and empathy helped me open up about what's been weighing me down. I feel more confident in myself to sit down and draw than in the past year, and I'm looking forward to putting Nikki's techniques into practice. 5 stars! Thanks for helping us creatives navigate our blocks!

    Lindsey Luu – Artist, Texas, USA

  • Nikki is an amazing creative and a business fantastic coach. She easily understands your inner essence and, starting from there, she can help you see “problems” from a different perspective, so that you can move on. Chatting to her is inspiring and she can really take you by the hand and unlock all your potential.

    Matteo Franchi - Photographer, Italy

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